Board Meeting Software Reviews, Comparison, and Features

Regular meetings and planning meetings are not just dates on the calendar but a powerful team management tool as long as you follow some simple rules. This article will explain the role of board portals in preparing meetings and compare the best software solutions.

The evolution of digital technologies in organizing board meetings

Meetings are stretching to infinity; agendas are written at the last moment in the margins of the diary; lack of important information; scattered attention of board members and other unpleasant surprises. Well, admit it, you know? But how to deal with all these cases and make the board meetings more productive?

Fortunately, digital technology has spread to the corporate governance sector. Board meeting software is a meeting management system. The cloud-based platform is designed to automate the processes of planning, holding, and fixing the results of meetings held in organizations of various sizes and types.

The critical difference from existing similar systems on the market is the implemented automation of meeting functions. When a meeting is held, the device screens of users participating in the meeting display an audiovisual series consisting of materials from the scenario (agenda) of the meeting. At the same time, at each step of the script, materials of various formats and sources can be displayed – Microsoft Office documents, PDF documents, reports from BI or other accounting systems of the organization (HTML view), videos, and images. In addition, the capabilities of the system do not limit the number of simultaneous meetings.

What about board meeting software comparison?

Following board meeting software reviews, the leaders among board software vendors are: 

  • BoardEffect offers services for videoconferencing, document collaboration, conference calls, webinars, and remote employee training. The system’s functionality is divided into modules, access to which is provided to users of the system based on the role model. In addition, it offers features such as efficient meeting minutes documentation, effortless information sharing, personalized communication channels for groups and committees, and more.

  • Parabol is a visual workspace where teams come together, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects & keep documentation in one place. It is best suited for teams that need connectivity flexibility. With Parabol’s user-friendly voting system, you can give your employees an equal vote in your meeting. Members can vote quickly, providing you with all the information to make informed decisions on critical company issues. In addition, the software’s extensive reporting capabilities make it easy to track team progress.

  • OnBoard is a perfect tool for quickly sharing ideas with different stakeholders, bundling feedback, shortening coordination processes, and speeding up approvals. All your boards are constantly auto-saved, so you never have to worry about saving your work again. The software protects the confidentiality of your files in transit with strong TLS & multi-layer encryption at rest with 256-bit AES.

  • Diligent is a secure collaborative platform for collegial bodies. The tool allows you to organize projects and prioritize them correctly. Unique boards display all available tasks. Due to this visibility, you always know which of the employees is doing and at what stage he is solving the assignment. In addition, you can upload various documents to the workspace and receive feedback.

  • Nasdaq ensures a constant interaction between board members to coordinate actions and resolve emerging governance issues. The software facilitates strategic and efficient collaboration for boards, committees, and leadership teams through its intuitive interface and robust security features. It is an excellent solution for companies of any size and type of activity.