Destiny 2 Data Recovery Legacy Code Quest

Destiny 2: key points

This article will consider the main aspects of the proposed game and discuss the Destiny 2 Data Recovery quest in more detail.

Destiny 2: key points

Destiny 2 is a purely online first-person multiplayer console shooter developed by the American company Bungie and published by another company Activision. The game is a sequel to Destiny (2014) and takes place a year after the events of its expansion Destiny: Rise of Iron. This time, the developers from Bungie decided to release the game on PC as well, giving the world another opportunity to plunge headlong into the atmosphere of action and drive.

Among the advantages of the game, the following can be singled out: good artificial intelligence in bosses, intuitive locations, different shooting mechanics for weapons, as well as many RPG elements.

Destiny 2 takes place in the 28th century – humanity has experienced a golden era, during which it conquered the planets and satellites of the solar system and the subsequent collapse. Finding themselves on the verge of extinction, people found the Wanderer – an unusual ball that gave them new technologies and allowed them to survive as a species.

The Red Region faction from the military-industrial empire of the massive Kabal amphibians attacked the Last City of the People. Under the command of their commander Gala, the superior alien forces deprive the Guardians of their forces and force them to run away from the Tower. The Guardians must gain new strength to take revenge on Gal and the Red Legion.

Guide to the implementation of the main plot

The player is required to:

  • find and unite the three commanders in chief: Zavala, Ikora and Keida,
  • lead a counterattack on the City
  • defeat the Red Legion.

There are three character classes in the game:

  • The Hunter is a cross between an assassin and a scout from MMORPG – a fast and mobile unit for reconnaissance and entering the rear, which has no obstacles.
  • Warlock is a battlemage with powerful skills, controlling crowds and bosses, as well as supporting allies.
  • Titan is a classic tank that attacks enemies head-on with huge damage in a variety of ways.

Each class has unique skills and abilities, including ults that take time to accumulate, but inflict huge damage on the enemy.

Data Recovery Legacy Code Quest

Destiny 2 has a long history of secret quests in the game. The essence of the Data Recovery mission is to find the signal.

Anastasia Bray, also known as Anastasia Bray, is a Guardian Hunter. It was first mentioned during the Battle of the Twilight Gap. She appeared as an important support character in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion, as she tries to uncover the mystery of Rasputin and the polar caps of Mars.

Ana Bray has been doing what Guardians are told not to, seeking her past. This journey has brought her to the Hellas ice cap on Mars. She is seeking out the Warmind Rasputin to ask it about the past and help unlock its potential.